Russian Shungite/Steatite Harmonizers


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This pair of cylindrical stones, working together, help increase vitality and circulation.  Each one is about 4" long and 1" in diameter.  Use them for meditating, for daily healing, and for when you do not feel well; use them to combat EMF issues, too.

To use:  Hold the Shungite (shiny black stone) in your left hand; hold the Steatite (grayish stone) in your right hand.  Sit with both feet flat on the floor.  Do this for 15 minutes every morning to increase your energy.

 You can also lie down with them, either placing them in your hands as stated above, or at your sides, touching your body.  You can also hold them on or near places of your body needing healing—sores, sprains, breaks, tumors, cramps, arthritic areas, etc.