Crystal Synergy Set: Happiness


Each bag contains the following crystals, which work together synergistically to help you find your happiness.  Carry these in a pocket, or hold while meditating.

Citrine:  attracts abundance, including joy and love.  Helps with serenity, clarity, and self-esteem.  Calms and soothes.

Clear Quartz:  a powerful stone in helping overall happiness.  Can store energy, amplify it, focus it, transmit it, transform it, and balance it.

Moonstone:  a stone of emotional harmony, well-being, and good fortune to marriages and love relationships.  Helps one relax, enjoy life, and to fully appreciate others.

Onyx:  encourages happiness, good fortune, reduces stress, and helps with self-control.  Helps release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief.