Crystal Synergy Set: Sobriety/Recovery


Each bag contains the following crystals, which work together synergistically to help you with your sobriety or recovery from other issues.  Carry these in a pocket or purse, place in your pillow case, or hold while meditating.

Gold Tiger’s Eye:  a stone of inner strength that focuses energy to meet challenges.  Encourages optimism, creativity, and concentration.

Fluorite:  increases concentration and helps with decision making; helps balance the mind’s positive and negative, which enables serenity, calm, and inner peace.

Howlite:  absorbs anger, both yours and others.  It helps to overcome critical or selfish behavior.  It increases appreciation of the beauty in life.

Citrine:  has the power to calm and soothe as it helps you heal.  Increases self-esteem, promotes clarity, and protects you from negative energies.