Mini Crystals Bag: Mookaite


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You will receive a small organza bag with mini crystals, and an attached card that explains the crystal's properties, 

Mookaite is a stone of the “here and now”.  Helps balance the internal and external and acceptance of change.  Encourages variety and new experiences.  Helps us to realize that meditation may be possible during any activity.  Said to stimulate contact with loved ones who have passed over and helps us to better communicate with animals.  It can make us more flexible in our thinking and enhances our decision making, helping to choose the best solution.  A very protective stone, particularly emotionally.  Helps us to be kind to others and to ourselves.  It stabilizes health, fortifies the immune system, wounds, regeneration, purifies the blood in the liver, spleen, glands in general, stomach, water retention, and hernias.  Associated with the lower chakras.