Mini Crystals Bag: Unakite


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You will receive a small organza bag with mini crystals, and an attached card that explains the crystal's properties, 

A protection stone with gentle but powerful energy.  It brings unconditional love of humanity, connection, and reunion.  It can assist in finding one’s animal guide.  Helps healing from abandonment and separation issues, and is good for gardening.  Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down and helps you to see the beauty in life.  It is also used to uncover deception.  It balances our emotions and helps us to see any conditions from the past that may be holding us back.  A good stone for the heart chakra.  It can also help us to see visions in meditation and also to see psychic visions.  Beneficial to the heart, reproductive organs,  convalescing after surgery or an illness, growth of skin tissue and hair.