Tumbled Crystal: Shungite


Thank you for allowing us to choose the perfect crystal for you.

Shungite is not for sissies!  It was created out of the primordial ooze, the first algae present before there was any plant life, then transformed by volcanic heat, and ultimately represents ALL of the elemental associations (water, air, earth, and fire).  Shungite is our connection to the cosmic flow and can be used for healing modalities that involve the dissolution of patterns that are not in Divine alignment.  It can protect one from harmful influence or disturbances.  It can help you gain access to deeper soul wisdom or information about ancient civilizations, especially when paired with record keepers of any kind.  Shungite is an excellent transition worker, such as the clearing of ghosts, or assisting one through the birth or death process (use with Lepidolite).  Work it with intent and it will work with you!  Our Shungite comes right from Russia.